Code of Behaviour

1. Students, alumni and visitors are expected to abide by the Laws of Hong Kong and to avoid all acts of violence, fighting, abuse, harassment, fraud, forgery, cheating, stealing, gambling, smoking and having alcoholic drinks.

2. Students, alumni and visitors are expected to seek approval from the school before organizing any public activity in school or any joint activities with outside organizations in the name of school; or before issuing any circulars, propaganda, publication, etc. in the name of school; or before releasing any school information to the mass media.

3. Students are expected to exercise good manners by showing courtesy and following the appropriate etiquettes, such as saying greetings, queuing up when waiting and showing gratitude by saying thank you.

4. Students are expected to talk politely without yelling, screaming and the use of indecent, offensive, abusive or threatening language.

5. Students are expected to keep healthy and elegant posture while standing, sitting and walking.

6. Students are expected to behave as a good audience during all assemblies and in all classes by keeping quiet and listening attentively to the speakers.   

7. Students are expected to keep quiet and maintain good order when moving among classrooms by lining up and keeping to the left in the corridors and the staircases.

8. Students are expected to follow instructions given by the teachers and other school staff, as well as instructions given by Prefects and Monitors/Monitresses who are carrying out their duties in enforcing school discipline.

9. Students are expected to keep all school property clean and in good order by avoiding all acts of littering, spitting, graffiti. Students are held responsible for replacement or repair of any damage or loss of school property caused by them.

10. Students-on-duty and Monitors / Monitresses are expected to switch off all electrical appliances when leaving their classrooms as an environmental protection measure.

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