The 40th Graduation Ceremony

2023-06-30 (Friday)
Category : Awards

The Graduation Ceremony for this academic year was held on 30th June. We were honored to have distinguished guests in attendance, including alumnus and SO to Commissioner of Police Mr. Chak Wai Kit, Sean, Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association and Parent Manager Ms. Chen Mingxing, and alumni manager Mr. Law Yu Hin. In addition to the guests of honor, we were delighted to have the principals of the primary schools attended to present awards to our graduates, witnessing their six years of growth and hard work, which is truly commendable.


During her speech, Principal Yau highly praised the graduates of this year and acknowledged their fearless and upward learning attitude during their challenging school years. She also encouraged them to continue to develop their abilities and strengths based on their capable qualities. At the same time, she expressed her sincere gratitude to the parents of the graduates. As a parent herself, she understands the responsibility of educating children and the long and arduous journey ahead.


In his speech, Staff Officer to Commissioner of Police Mr. Chak, recalled his precious memories of his time at our school with a witty and humorous tone. He particularly mentioned that our school is known for its warmth, with teachers guiding students with patience and kindness, and friendship among peers, which helped him overcome various difficulties. Finally, he encouraged the graduates to actively exercise empathy, engage in perspective-taking, and embrace future challenges.


Following the speeches, our school's Chinese dance troupe performed their award-winning classical dance "Flowing Water and Peach Blossoms," which won the "Grade A Award" at the 59th Schools Dance Festival. With their graceful movements, they wished all graduates success in pursuing their dreams and reaching their own paradise. Our school's Chinese-western Orchestra then performed the ending theme song "Sanpo" from the animated film "My Neighbor Totoro," which won the second prize in the ensemble category of the "Grandmaster Cup 2023" at the 10th Hong Kong International Music Festival. With their lively and energetic rhythm, they provided motivation to the graduates and encouraged them to embrace their new stage of life with a relaxed and joyful attitude.


The ceremony concluded smoothly amidst cheers and laughter from teachers, students, and parents at 8:40 pm.

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