Geography Field Trip at Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China

2013-10-26 (Saturday)
Category : EEA

44 Kap Yan students and teachers had a 2-day Geography field trip to Zhaoqing, Guangdong during last weekend. We first visited the Seven Star Crags (七星巖) which has scenic views of Karst (limestone) Landscapes. The scene with the lakes and the crags (low hills) is just beautiful like in a Chinese painting.

We then visited the Dinghu Mountain (鼎湖山) which is about 20 Km away from the Zhaoqing City. It is a national park (natural reserve) and is also known as “Natural Oxygen Bar” due to its fresh air that rich of anions. We took a coach go uphill to the Baoding Park (寶鼎公園) where we learned and experienced the bronze culture of the ancient society in China.

Then we walked down hill to visit the Butterfly Valley (蝴蝶谷) which is a typical sub-tropical rainforest. We took a boat trip cruising the lake and a forest trail that accompany by a local tour guide. This valley not only has natural forest with 2,000 kinds of wild plants and 800 kinds of animals/insects, but also with beautiful waterfalls, plunge pools, rocky creeks (streams) and lakes. It is an ideal place to study the biodiversity of a forest ecosystem

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