Service Programme in China

2015-12-01 (Tuesday)
Category : EEA

More than forty students and teachers from Kap Yan Directors’ College took part in the service-learning programme in China during the Easter holiday to meet students in Bijie, Guizhou (貴州省畢節市). The Programme was fun and rewarding, in which our students had a real taste of being ‘student teachers’ when they visited Yuanbao primary school and Dahaizhi primary school. To show our love and concern, we donated some desks, chairs, books, two table tennis tables and a printer to the schools. We also distributed stationery and toys to the students. In order to understand their needs, our teachers visited one of the schools in December 2015 and discussed the details of the learning programme with the local teachers so as to provide the most suitable services. The programme has served the purpose of promoting educational and cultural exchanges and invited favourable feedbacks.

We also visited a local secondary school called Lutong Secondary School (綠塘中學). In the school, our students attended lessons together with the local students, through which we learnt more about the school life in Mainland China. We were impressed because the students there were very friendly and eager to share their school life with us. Some local students exchanged contact information with us, so that we can keep in touch after the visit. Although the activity was short, every part of it smoothly and we have built a good relationship with the local students.

In short, this event has strengthened not only our spirit to serve others, but also our responsibilities as citizens of the country.

In the last part of the activity, we travelled to Huangguoshu Waterfall (黃果樹瀑布) and Qingyan Ancient Town (青岩古鎮). Students learnt more about the conservation of natural and cultural heritage in south-west China after the visit.

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