TWGHs Joint Schools Summer English Study Tour 2015

2015-07-12 To 17
Category : EEA

During the summer holidays, 12 students of Kap Yan participated in TWGHs Joint Schools Summer English Study Tour to New Zealand. They spent a wonderful time of 17 days there and many of them loved the country and the people there.

The students stayed with local host families and took English classes at New Zealand Language Centre, Auckland. The students were put into different classes according to their language proficiency. It was a precious experience for them to meet learners from various countries, such as Brazil, Columbia, Japan and Germany. Besides learning English in class, our students also did a survey by interviewing the locals in Auckland to find out about their life in New Zealand. The students delivered a presentation of their survey findings to all the participants of this study tour on the last day of their class.

Our students also took part in a number of outings and activities that required physical strength and endurance. After all, New Zealand is a country that is famous for its natural scenery and the people’s active lifestyle. Some of the most exciting activities were Tree Adventure, wall-climbing and laser-gun strike. Besides, theyvisited a Maori village and saw a Maori concert to learn about the aboriginal culture of New Zealand.You can have a look at the photos to find out more about them.

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