Principal's Message

It is truly a great honour and a significant moment of personal pride for me to join the Kap Yan family as the school’s new principal. I would like to honour our principals and teachers who have led the school in such an inspirational way to establish Kap Yan as a school of excellence. Their leadership has created a culture of high performance, respect and caring for the individual student. I am eager for working in continuing the school’s noble tradition of providing an effective and invaluable all-round education to each and every one of our students. I believe that every student is a diamond in the rough, with proper and careful polishing, they will undoubtedly be able to shine with unique brilliance. Under my leadership, I believe that our students are our future and our future must be bright because the quality education that we can provide. I am confident that Kap Yan will continue to provide an outstanding education that every student can shine.

I look forward to an amazing school year to our students, parents and the community.

                               Ms. YAU Chun-Yin Ranny


東華三院甲寅年總理中學 TWGHs Kap Yan Directors' College
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Address: Choi Yuen Estate Sheung Shui
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